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Thalidomide Agency UK

About Us


Thalidomide Agency UK offers a service free consultant with no consultancies fees. Our consultants have one thing in common, they were all born with disabilities caused by the same reason; their expectant mothers had taken the drug Thalidomide at some stage during their pregnancy. Consultants were all born between the years 1959-1962. Our consultants are all highly educated people and extremely professional, with varied careers ranging from Solicitors, Accountants, Doctors, Occupational Therapists and Social workers. Our Head Consultant Freddie Astbury has plenty of years of experience in dealing with medicines regulatory. He has also dealt with pharmacists in hospitals (government and private) in the UK and Spain.


We deal with the use of the drug Thalidomide today and other Teratogenic medicines. We are contact with the EMA (the European Medicines Agency) and other government’s individual European Medicines Agencies.

We are not involved with any active campaigns has we are Consultancy Agency however we will have an opinion to make sure that no other babies are born, due to the misuse of these medicines.


We will find the appropriate consultant to deal with all specific issues arising based around usage of Thalidomide drug and Teratogenic medicines, which are known to cause birth defects if taken during pregnancy.


Health and Welfare


We are prepared mediate between organisations/companies that are interested in helping with the health and welfare of Thalidomide survivors. Our Head Consultant Freddie Astbury has had 19 years of experience in mediating financial settlements for thalidomide survivors with the likes of Diageo/Guinness. He has studied the health and welfare of the needs of the survivors throughout the years. However they will only agree to be involved on the understanding that all parties that Thalidomide UK agency acts as mediators, so an amicable solution can be found which would be agreed by all those concerned. We are totally independent and will treat all parties equally and with respect.



Media Experience


Freddie Astbury has worked with news corporations such as BBC News, ITN, Sky News and has appeared on other News channels around the world such as TVE (Spain), CNN, NBC (US), SAT1 (Germany) and Zee TV (Asia) in reference to Thalidomide issues. He was also an adviser for the short time to the morning TV programme BBC (UK) Ann and Nick in relations to medicines and disabilities.


We will communicate with other Thalidomide organisations, European governments etc if & when required.


Thalidomide UK still offers information in reference to the history of Thalidomide and past campaigns on this website under the link bar (Thalidomide UK), however it cannot be contactable as it is solely an information area of the website. We cannot give any advice if you have been affected by Thalidomide and where born between 1959/62, however they are details on the website who you can contact in reference to this issue.


freddie astbury (PRESIDENT)

experience in negotiations




Diageo - was the new owners of Distillers who marketed the drug between 1959/62. Thalidomide victims had never received adequate compensation from drug manufactures distillers. We felt that Diageo had a moral obligation to thalidomide people, because money was needed to help with our future.


Government Unfair Tax – thalidomide survivors have to pay a high rate of tax when they receive income payments from their trust fund (The Thalidomide Trust).


History of Thalidomide key notes: The drug thalidomide was introduced to the UK in 1958 under its brand name Distaval.


The drug was mainly given to pregnant women for morning sickness. However, it was used to treat mild depression, because of it being a mild sedative.


On 27 November 1961 Thalidomide was voluntary withdrawn in the UK from the British manufacture Distillers Biochemical LTD.


The first British thalidomide victim was born in January 1959.

There are currently 455 thalidomide survivors in the UK.


The victim's disabilities range from missing limbs and internal deformities.

In the 70s, the Sunday Times lead a campaign for justice for the victims.


it is estimated around 40% of thalidomide victims died before their first birthday.

The Thalidomide Trust was established on the 10th of August 1973, to providing support to those people who had disabilities caused because their mothers had taken the drug thalidomide during pregnancy.

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